Suggestions on reducing excessive memory usage

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  • stricky

    Page thru the manual; you'll get a couple more badges, should push your rep up to where you can post url's.

    Anyway, I really don't have any projects I can reference that have the massive number of images yours does; my current project uses 10mb image memory, so it's not that great a comparison.

    However, looking at the memory usage of node for a couple sample exports, I did notice something interesting: the 64bit build seems to consume twice as much memory as the 32bit build, at least for my game (~900 events).

    It's worth mentioning that I'm using an older 32bit build of node that I find to be more stable, as per this thread:

    Also, you say you can't preview your game anymore to debug...that seems pretty bad, frankly. Are you using an SSD or a traditional hard drive?

    As long as your game is targeting PC, I really think you'll be okay. Even a cheap, low end notebook has at least 4GB of memory in it.

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