Stuck on my first project.

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  • Hi all, I am brand new to Construct and am stuck on my first project. I'm more-or-less following a YouTube tutorial on how to create a platformer, but there are a few things not working as intended (in part due to my own deviations from the tutorial).

    For starters, here's my file: ... m_test.c3p

    The first thing is that I tried to put in a behavior (following exactly along with the tutorial) where, when the player touches a hazard element, his X and Y positions change, as if he is bumped backward. The Y changes just fine, and I can tweak the values to get the desired push back, however the X does not act as expected. Instead, no matter what value I use, the player just gets pushed a very small amount. I've noted it in the file.

    The second thing is that the player is having some collision issues with the bricks I'm using. It seems to happen when he stands in between two bricks. You can clearly see what's happening... he's rapidly going in and out of a jump (or fall?) animation. Additionally (I'm guessing it's the same issue), he gets traction when jumping in to a wall (like the one to your left when the level starts) and can climb up it by moving left. Any idea why that's happening and how to avoid it?

    Many thanks in advance for any help <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">


  • FYI - You might get quicker answers if you post to the "How Do I" section of the forums.

    When you use the platform set vector action, that is limited by the platform behavior's maximum speed and affected by deceleration. So however high you set the vector, it is capped and based on the deceleration he will end up stopping at around the same place. Try using a bullet behavior instead.

    As for the blocks... I have no idea at the moment. It works fine when I create a new project with just blocks and a player sprite. Your collision boxes look fine, and its not because of scaling (still happens even when the blocks are 100%).

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  • * moved to a more appropriate forum section.

  • Thanks - as to the forum I posted in, I guess I just assumed it should be in the Construct 3 section because I'm working in Construct 3, and there's no "How Do I" section of the Construct 3 forum. But I'll keep those questions here from now on

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