How do I get started on a game?

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  • codah ZX81 was classic learnt lot from it and Amiga been poking around that too.

  • Is there a quick way to fade out a music object? - Nevermind I installed rex_audio_helper.

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  • I have decided to go with a breakout clone as my project to learn how to develop games with C2. Please don't groan but it's a pretty good project to get me started.

    Basic game description:

    There is a bat and a ball and several types of obstacles (bricks) to destroy to progress onto the next 'level'. You'll have a set number of chances to progress - I'll call them lives but they'll be represented in-game as extra bats.

    As in the tutorial that I watched there will be powerups to collect which will include:


    WideBoy - A slightly wider bat.

    Normal - Normal width bat.

    Magnet - The ball will stick to the bat until you click the mouse.

    DoubleUp - The last ball that you hit will split into 2 balls. There will be a maximum number of balls.

    SlowDown - will reduce the velocity of the ball - there will be a minimum velocity setting.

    Breaker - This will go straight through any brick - busting them as it goes.

    ExtraLife - An extra life.

    AutoPilot - Will take control of the bat for you for a set amount of time.

    Blocker - Will place a wall under the bat for a set amount of time.

    Pusher - Will push all the remaining bricks up the screen by one brick depth.


    Dinky - A tiny bat.

    SpeedUp - The inverse of the SlowDown powerup. There will be a maximum speed setting.

    Puller - The inverse of the Puller powerup.

    There will be a number of brick variants:

    Glass - Various coloured bricks that require a single hit to destroy.

    Stone - Various coloured bricks that require 2 hits to destroy.

    Metal - Various coloured bricks that require 3 hits to destroy.

    Unbreakable - cannot be destroyed except by the following brick...

    Explosive - when hit will destroy any nearby bricks.

    So, that's the main game but I want to create an editor too!

    Ideally, the editor will allow me to save and load a level pack. Each pack will contain 50 sheets. Player created packs should be able to be named by the player and the game should auto detect them and show them on a pack select screen.

    So that's it for now. I'm sure I will have many questions for you guys in the next few days. I will post any progress I make if it seems interesting enough.

    Thanks for reading!


  • How do I set (move) the mouse position. I want to lock mouse.y to my bat's y position - I've found when playing if the mouse drifts off the top or bottom of the play area you lose focus and can lose your ball!

    I have read...


    But the link is 404.

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