How do I start this kind of Pizza Creator Game?

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  • I found a way to open it )) Sorry ))

    yes! But could we assign this Close button as a function to the Toppings text? We press Topings, and menu opens down, we press Sauce type, and Toppings elements close back, and Sauce options open. But my first question was - Can we make like this? We press Olives, and it is placed on the pizza, but after this, we decide to cancel it, we dont want it. We want it to go out of the pizza, so we press again on the olives text again and it goes back to it's initial position.

  • I made changes to the link. Look at it now

    Events to achieve this...


  • if you dont know how to use events then, dude,.... open the manual sorry but where are not here to create your games for you, we just give u hints about problems in games or events , guide, but how to make a game like that, its not a problem u have to figure it out.

    it depends on you how do you want to start , with the layout of the pizza, with the main menu etc... u want to make games, but ur to lazy to read the manual or tutorials..

  • You are right, things are really easy for my project and even if I wrote up there , that I have read the full manual, this doesn't give me full knowledge, and the only thing I last asked was how to hide/unhide menus. And Phoenix answered it That's all for now, don't think I am doing what you said I am doing.

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  • I tried to upload the project to make it visible online but Dropbox asks for Pro account. So I will just show you the capx file , if you want to watch, but I would say I made 90% of what you showed me yesterday. Just a small difference, Toppings elements are not hidden at Layout start. So pls, give me your capx, the last one, so I compare and understand what part I missed.

    here is mine

  • Event sheet wise everything is right except basically I have the Topping Menu on one layer called 'Toppings' and it is initially invisible and then the Sauce is on a layer named 'Sauce' and invisible. So when you click Toppings it makes the Toppings Layer Visible then if you click again it makes it invisible. With the Sauce if the 'Sauce' Layer is visible when they go to click something else it just makes it invisible.

  • I am not sure this is the issue because in mine, the toppings texts are also included in the toppings layer. And White and Red sauces are included in the SauceChoice layer.

    If you please could give me that capx and I will analyze myself where did I go wrong.

  • Don't have access to it my main computer right now but will post it when I can.

  • yes pls

  • Thank you!

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