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  • I have an isometric style hack slash game i'm trying to build so i figured spriter would help tons with the armor, weapons, skills and other things. so i dont have to individually animate my 2d sprite character over and over with the new armor or weapons and such.

    I have this 1 spriter animation weapon for when my character is running Up, Down, Left and Right , and Angles and another animation for when attacking ... so my question is when i load my scml file and pin to my character I load my game up to see the animation for just Left or Right and i get error code. any idea what i'm doing wrong or steps i missed

    if anyone has a paid copy I uploaded my project so you can see what i've done so far

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  • ok I figured it out i wasn't saving the file properly , but still my animation isn't showing up in game

    here is a new save of my work

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