How would I make a Spelling Game?

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  • How would I make a Spelling Game?

    Okay, so here are the events in mind.

    1) Character grasp a letter like a coin on button press.

    2) A noise rings for player feed back.

    3) *The letters collected appear on the screen in a on screen inventory box.

    4) *The player only scores when they spell a word by collecting the letters in order.

    5) *If they get the wrong letter, they have to get rid of the letter and grab the right letter.

    These are the parts I'm having issues with, how do I get the letters they collect to appear on the screen.

    Also, how do I get bonus points for special words or the week?

    Please share any back-links as well you tutorials, blogs, or videos you feel helps.


  • These questions are too general, what exactly are you having an issue with?

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  • Hi BurningWood,

    I've got something of a kind currently in production. An early version can be seen here:

    It's C2, of course :-)

    Maybe this helps you to come up with some more specific questions?



  • Thanks guys, I didn't know I was being to vague, I have to take a break from this project, but I will have better questions next time around with screen shots.

    Also, Hi CJK,

    First off, the game is great, did you use clip art or did you make the art yourself?

    Secondly, yes this helps. So let me ask..

    How did you get the words to generate?

    I would guess you choose a level system right, with a prefixed word and graphics.

    Have you considered a randomizer?

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