How to get a speed larger than Maxspeed (flinch)

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  • Hi, I'm working on a platformer and when an enemy hits the player it gets some X and Y velocity that send it backward, it works but I want the player to go further away, I'm doing this by seting platform.vectorX and vectorY, I can get high values for Y but not for X(apparently platform's max speed is the limit)

    How can I make it go further away in x direction??

    Thanks in advance, here's the file so you can see what I mean:

    what I'm describing happens when the white 'slash' touches the player, by the way, can you only set mirror to mirrored or not?? I mean, can't you set it to other obeject's mirrored variable? (example: sword.mirrored=player.mirrored)

  • i couldn't open the capx some behaviors i didn't install can you tell us what is it??

    about mirrored i think you can use boolean variable or global variable

    yes or 1 = mirrored

    no or 0 = not mirrored

    about the stuffs above have you tried to put action wait 0.3 then reset your maxspeed

  • Thanks a lot!! changing Maxspeed and adding a wait works like a charm (it's already in the file),

    About the file, I installed the plugin 'function' and the behavior 'pathfind', I had an instance of function that wasn't used, so I deleted it and re-uploaded the file.

    About the 2nd question, In the 20th event, where enemy spawns slash I wanted to set slash.mirrored to enemy.mirrored but I haven't find an option that allows me to set variables like mirrored to a 'custom' value.

  • i have tried what i have said ^^

    but in the first level sometimes the enemies doesn't move try to fix it later ^^

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  • yeah, I figured that was the only way, but what I was wondering was if there's a way to set it to any of the two values in just 1 event/action.

    You've been very helpful, thanks again.

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