Speed of falling objects based on rate of tap?

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  • Question:

    If objects are falling at the rate of 300 how would one go about making them fall quicker based on the rate of screen taps?

    However, falling rate should never slow down once they have sped up.

    Any ideas?

  • What about setting a global variable gravity and increase it (you name it how much) everytime anytouch is triggered? (using physics) then set world gravity to global gravity.

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  • Great suggestion, but I need it to be dynamic meaning that I don't want to increase speed every time anytouch is triggered as I am already doing that. What I want to do is that if someone is tapping faster, the falling matches to their skill level. If someone is really bad at the game, I want the objects to fall slower.

    In other words, let's say the objects are falling at the rate of 300. If someone taps once every second, the rate stays at 300. If the person taps 3 every second, the falling rate speeds up, but never slows back down if they were to go back to once every second.

  • every 1 second - global gravity = gravity -3 (300 minimum)

    if ppl tap slow (3 times), it will remain zero

    If ppl tap fast, lets say 10 times, 10-3 = 7 (increase of speed).

    Ppl stop tapping, -3, -3, -3, until 300 minimum

    (just an idea)

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