How do I spawn specific numb of enemies randomly periodicall

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  • That should be easy to do along the lines of set spawn rate= variable*(frame+1) or set alien number=variable(*frame number+1) - just play around with the setting in event 4

  • Will donly Ram, I'll mess with it some tonight and let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

  • I'll test here later tonight but do you think I'll be able to have them set to spawn at the same time? So object 1 will have a random spawn between say 6 to 8 seconds, object 2 random spawn 4,6 seconds, and objectives 3 2, 4 seconds.

  • Ram I stuck with the original way of coding you gave me, and got it to work, everything works perfect now!

    1 last tweak id like to do if possible. Is there a way, once an object comes out of one of those spawn points, to turn off that specific spawn point for a specific period of time?

    Reason why, I think I am having multiple objects fire out of the same spawn at close to the same time, and their collisions are making those objects reflect off and never come on screen, and it's throwing off the obtainable game score. So, object spawns, spawn point waits for 2 seconds before it can be selected as a random spawn point again... or any other clever way to alleviate that problem

  • Did a count, my largest asteroid that spawns, game is supposed to spawn 5, only counted 2, I think some of it is from a spawning problem, and other part of it is a separate issue I'm having with mass, these smaller asteroids that have 1/4 the mass, and 1/5 the size, are colliding with, and making the larger asteroids bounce the other way, so I think some are getting turned around before they even enter the actual gameplay field.

    Going to have to figure out how to solve that issue.

  • I would give each spawn ppoint a timer which is set when they are used - then when you come to pick a random spawn point just discount all with timers running...

  • do you have a "once too far from the playing area " then turn them back towards the center ?

    No idea about physics and mass in c2 - sorry. I do know not to mix physics with other behaviours.

  • Hey Ram, had to spend a few days fixing my physics, setting up menu's, pause menu, etc, and now that I got all of that fixed I am back to exploring your timer idea.

    So I read up on, and understand the basics of how to create a timer, just dont know how about how to assign it's use in this instance. Every example Ive seen of making a timer you have a GV made for it, but how would I make it so that when one of those spawn points spawns an object, they don't all just add to, and use that same timer. I guess what I need is for each time a spawn is used, it creates it's own cooldown timer.

    I'll search some tutorials and video's and see if I find anything that works similar to this.

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