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    Hi, I have a problem like mine will.

    I'm doing a play in the game portals available. By pressing the letter B 100pixel closer the portal layout can redirect to 2. But the problem is that when you press B while in the second layout as the default layout located in one place is dawning. When you switch from 2 to 1 Layout layout of the portal is located at layot ??1 x - y position How can I send?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    Merhaba, benim s�yle bir sorunum olacak.

    Bir oyun yapiyorum, oyunda portallar mevcut. Portalin 100pixel yakinindaysa B harfine basilinca layout 2 ye y�nlendirebiliyorum. Fakat sorun su ki layout 2 deyken B ye bastigimda layout 1 de varsayilan olarak konumlanmis yerde doguyor. Layout 2 den layout 1 e ge�is yaptiginda layout 1 de bulunan portalin x - y pozisyonuna nasil g�nderebilirim?

    yardimlariniz i�in simdiden tesekk�rler.

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