No sound on ipad

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  • kevinmthomas

    I have the same question...

    "I have a simple shooter game and the player on a non-platform style game, points in one direction I have it set so that Touch.X and Touch.Y is set to player as long as I am touching the screen the player points toward where I touch however when I release the touch it goes back toward its original position rather than staying at the angle of the last touch"...

    but I think we have to open a new "How do I" topic for this issue...

  • iOS policy should allow the user to touch the app before to play sound.

    I have no idea why OGG files breaks sound system in iOS.

  • Joannesalfa

    I don't know either, but thankx man... I owe you one...   <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It should be simple to get audio working on iOS. As I noted earlier in this thread the most common problem is incorrect MIME types on the server, which means iOS doesn't regard .m4a files as being audio files. Once that's working, remember you need to touch the screen before iOS starts playing audio in the browser.

  • chrislechat: Did you verify that you m4a files are really working on your computer? Open them in iTune to test.   Also, my sounds work on iOS by doing this trick only so far: Put the m4a AND ogg files on your server (wich is standard) AND remove the m4a lines from the offline.appcache file. It works 100% for me and nothing else worked for sound on my iPad 4 and iPod Touch 4. Tiens-moi au courant Chrislechat! ; )

    Ashley: I know you said to me that removing the m4a lines from the offline.appcache file will make my game not work offline on iOS but I can assure you that's the only way it work on my iPad 4 AND iPod Touch 4. If I don't do this the sounds are working like...1 game on 3... If it would have been my MIME TYPES on the server this trick would not have make them work 100% of the time right?

    The moment I send an update of one of my game without editing the appcache file my sounds stop working...

  • One last thing to all here, the .ogg files don't make any problems on iOS for sounds, they must be there for the sound to work on other platforms but they don't "interfere" (spell?) with sounds on iOS. You just need to have m4a working files for your sounds to work on iOS, with or without .ogg counterparts... But you have to do my offline.appcache trick in my post above...

  • Deleting the .ogg files is *not* a solution. You should definitely not do that. You will stop audio playing on other platforms instead. What I think is actually happening is this:

    1) you upload your game and run it, but the server is set up wrong

    2) the browser caches broken versions of the .m4a files and doesn't play audio

    3) you fix the server

    4) by changing offline.appcache, you make the browser re-download the .m4a files which work. It is not important what change is made, just the fact you changed it makes the browser check for updated files and notice the fact you fixed your server.

    Construct 2 changes the content of offline.appcache for you every time you export (the timestamp is at the top of the file). So re-exporting alone should be enough to fix it once you've fixed the server.

    If in doubt try exporting to a new URL after fixing the server - it will use a completely new cache.

    If you delete one set of sounds, it WILL break audio on different platforms, so don't do it!

  • Hello,

    i found this: simulate an action to play the sound directly on ipad.

    Is it possible to integrate a "sound introduction" function like this

    in construct?


  • Hi guys, i tried the offline file edit hack to try to get sound on my ipad4, i tried both removing the m4a and the ogg lines from the file, one at a time of course, and both still worked on android but both did not work on ipad. ... i tried both safari and chrome on the ipad, both with no sound ... I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but every time i open construct 2, i get an error message that says 'unable to load plugin in 'c:\program files\construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\_macosx\': cannot open the file 'c:\program files\construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\_macosx\common.js' the plugin will not be available in the editor. ' ... i looked in the file structure, and i dont have any files in that path except a 'clay' folder. ... i am using the clay io plugin for a leader board ... ... I tried to search to find a download for the common.js, but haven't come across anything solid yet, i just want the sound to work on the ipad, as it's a far superior device in my opinion... I'm going to keep looking, but any advice could go a long way.. ... thanks for any help!


  • i had the same problem before,now i got it

  • ya, i hope ill be able to figure it out, my problem is i think, im hosting on azurewebsites, and I havent found an area to directly set the mime types like there is in iis7, i read you can set it in the web.config, but since i dont see that constuct 2 puts out a web.config in the html5 export, but i dont have anything else to try at this point, so i think i try to fire up my own webconfig and stick it in the wwwroot folder on azure and just for kicks see if anything happens... i did try to navigate directly to the m4a's and ogg's on both pc, android, and ipad, the ogg works on pc and android, but on ipad safari it says download faild-safari can not download this file, on ipad chrome it lets me download it(the ogg), and wants me to install google drive or open in... . then when navigating directly to the m4a, on all systems (pc, andrioid, ipad) results are the same, i get a message of 'the resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.' So that has to be something with it, ... i guess more testing and trial and error for me, i hope i can figure something out within a few more games... .. what hosting service do you use? ... anything particular that you found you had to do that worked for you? .. .. and have i mentioned, construct 2 is the most awesome thing i have found for a long time (since sliced bread), and i'll be sure to be spending a lot more nights up extremely too late messing with it..! (you guys are truly amazing!) ... thanks for any help. fts1999

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  • I found the solution for me, on Azurewebsites not being able to configure the MINE types drectly on Azure, I manually created a web.config file and only had settings in it for MINE type. Drop it in the root path of your index.html game, and Joy sound works on Ipad/IOS.

    Since the system will not let me post .config or .txt file, copy the following for your web.config file.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




    <mimeMap fileExtension=".m4a" mimeType="audio/x-m4a" />




  • I figured out how to solve it. Go to project properties. Put "NO" in preload sounds. Load them later Songs have to be in m4a extension, too. I think it's because Safari doesn't like html5 websites with the "autoplay feature".

  • I fixed this using at least one sound file inside the "Music" folder. We know this folder does not preload, but if you send it online with the folder empty, the sounds dont play on the safari. Of course, no special characters, space between words, hyphens or numbers, use only text and use m4a file too. Import .wav 16bit and Construct take care of the rest ;)

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