How do I Use Sound in Game Didn't Work

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  • Hello sir and all friends,

    just straight forward, i don't know why this error happen.

    Since i start using Consctruct 2, which is about a month ago. Every game that i create are using sound (.ogg format for andoid) and it running well when i run the game on browser. But when it's exported to android using, some of the sound are didn't play. Mostly is background music when the game start and other, it didn't play. But some of sound such as when button pressed is work well.

    Please sir, help me with this problem.

    In case you need sample of my project, here's it (APK and CAPX file) :

  • I`m not sure about using , couze I use Cardova in Intel XDK.

    Of course you dont have to download the software ,Intel XDK

    But when your HTML (Construct 2) after export to HTML.. try play it by double click the index...

    For me after I export the game to HTML in a folder ,it will (index) will appear with chrome icon

    Then you can try to format it using the to .apk...

    If in "Index work well, and in .apk dont ...

    You may need a new to upgade only related things(not recommended). Sorry It`s been awhile after my last . apk game so I kinda dont remember it well

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  • Yes it's the problem, index work well and in .apk don't.. still confuse with this one.

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