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  • Is to test in your device and is in the toolbar.

    Ashley i did o lot of tests and for me the sounds only works with appmobi if they are in the "music " folder in construct, if they are in sounds folder they doesn't work at all.

  • Yes, in browser. Music plays but no sounds (and some sprites dont display)

  • Yep, I tested on my own and it works in "test anywhere" only. Tiled bg doesn't work there.

  • hi guys. any update on this?

  • Same results here. Sounds works in the XDK if I put them in the Music folder but they don't work with TestLocal or TestAnywhere.

    I'm using Construct2 version 98

    i tried with my Samsung Galaxy S and also my Kindle Fire.

    If any has any tips or insight please post!

  • We're working with appMobi to improve directCanvas integration. I would not expect anything to work in Test Local or Test Anywhere until appMobi next update AppLab. However in the mean time you should be able to build a complete app and that may work a little better.

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  • Hi Ashley... I gave upon Direct Canvas because of the black screen issue. I was just trying to use the phone browser method and I'm running into the no sound problem with that.

    I agree, I think the appmobi side of things isn't really complete yet. Everything works perfectly and as expected when exported as regular HTML5.

    I'm considering purchasing Construct2 just so I can try out the cocoonjs method. After purchase, can I still keep downloading all the new beta versions of Construct2? Do I have to re-validate that its not the free version every time or will it just know?

  • geekgirl: It will know. You "set" your license once and for all the first time, and on updates you have the new version working with your own license.

  • Bah, looking forward to this being fixed. I thought I was going crazy not being able to get appmobi working properly (black screen issue) but glad to see it's not just me (and that I'm not getting stupid with this technology stuff haha).

    Bought C2 strictly for making games on mobile, but nothing in the pipe really and I can wait :)

  • Same problem here, can't get it to work on the XDK at all. Tried moving the sounds to the music folders but to no avail.

    They gave this response on the link in the first page of this thread:

    "We found a bug that dealt with AppMobi.player.loadSound(a) when used with construct2. You can work around this by adding a second paramerter to the loadSound call.


    AppMobi.player.loadSound(a)        // current call

    AppMobi.player.loadSound(a,1)      // change it to

    Rebuild your ad hoc app and it will work."

    However I don't know any coding and have no idea where to find this. Anyone able to guide me through this? Thanks!

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