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  • (Spoiler alert: Bad English detected)

    I installed my app to my phone so I could test it out. I fixed a lot of problems that have appeared after installing, but for this one, I simply cannot find a solution. I searched for this problem in the forums, but I couldn't find a fix.

    So, the problem is that the screen of the game blinks occasionally (approx. every 5 sec), even though I have 'Clear Background' set to 'No'.

    It appears that the rendering of the game is slow, cause I am also noticing the FPS is also reduced.

    I have played with the third-party plugins before and added this cordova crosswalk webview. This solves the problem perfectly, however it makes the APK gigantic and once I had added the appodeal ads plugin, it started conflicting so I had to remove it.

    What do I have to do, please help me, my project is 98% done, but this frustrating problem is preventing me from finishing it.

    Here's one of my layouts debugged:

    There's another one which has over 17.5mb of images, but the problem is the same..

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  • Hello,

    Try to test your app on another device.

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