Can someone please get my Local Storage to work for me?

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  • Won't know unless we see it.

  • I don't exactly know, what you want to do, but as I see, you don't save all the keys to the storage (you request 7 keys, but later save only 4). What I also see is that you enable group "Group", but you don't have a group called "Group". I'd recommend you trying to figure out the LocalStorage on a small example, just a few basic things at first, then the things you need (maybe some random input or so). Then you'll be able to transfer your knowledge to this project.

  • local storage is confusing for the first time that I used it, i tried a lot to fix this issue, but at least finally i did it with my own style and a little changes from this video.

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    now i can save my game and make more than 100 level and for ever. it works perfectly now on browser and mobile <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • Send your file to me and I'll get it to work for you..... Doesn't seem like anyone is really willing to help here. Just a bunch of people trying to get you to change your version because they don't "want" to download the new version. -sigh-. I'll fix it for you and give you further support in the future. PM me and I'll look + reply to you with my contact details.

  • Well it was more like the project was of significant size and it is not immediately obvious what the problem is or what he is trying to do, much less fix it. Not so much a matter of willingness.

    Regarding the version - some people got construct on steam and don't know how to get the latest beta.

    I could make a simple capx demonstrating how local storage works, but that's not what he was asking for. Unfortunately it seems to be beyond the time commitment of those who he sent his capx to to get his localstorage to work for him, something we were unable to confirm until we saw the capx. Sorry I was unable to help.

  • EdwardJT92, can you still help me?

  • It wont let me reply as my rep is low. But here is a thought.

    Have your inputs be saved as variables or values in global and put the rest of the game in a "No Save" state like I've stated in a lot of previous posts. If you still need me just email me [REMOVED] . . That's the best way to reach me.

  • Lol, hey EdwardJT92, I thought you said "Send your file to me and I'll get it to work for you.....".

    I told you before, this stuff is really confusing for me. I thought you were going to work on my capx for me... no?

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  • I'm sure it hasn't been mentioned but why not use Construct 2's native save/load commands?

  • Hey LaDestitute, I don't think Construct 2's native save/load commands will saves global variable information... will it? I'm trying to create a bar graph.

    What exactly is the Construct 2 native save/load commands able to save, and not able to save?

  • According to the manual, what isn't saved is:

    • Input state (i.e. mouse position, or whether the player was holding keys or touches)
    • AJAX requests
    • WebSocket connections
    • The XML object
    • User Media video or audio feeds
    • Facebook login
    • WebStorage state
    • CocoonJS/Windows 8 state
    • Any in-app purchases on any platform
    • Anything with the 'No Save' behavior

    Also, a better solution compared to global variables in my opinion is to use an array and store some values in there, and set/modify them accordingly when needed via x/x,y/or x,y,z. Arrays also persist between layouts on their own.

  • i have checked your caps

    its too confusing

    you want to save bar height, right ?

    way is simple you have to put bar height to local storage "Key"

    and save every time when bar height changes

    do --

    if exit get it

    if get it - do something

    if missing - set it

    or try to make a simple file or do practice to save data on local storage

  • Bump.... Can someone please work on/fix my Local Storage for me (I've been at this for soo long now, I still can't get it to work)?


  • Bump... I really need someone to help me with this one.... still. Please guys, can someone with some experience with Local Storage fix my capx for me? I'm desperate here... I can't figure out the tutorials, but once I see it set up visually, I'll get it forever. Please can someone help me with this?

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