Can someone come help me real fast on my shop system?

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  • I'm sorry to disappoint you but 99% of all tutorials/manuals are written. Maybe you should consider changing your own way of thinking than expect others/the internet to fit you.

    Programming is something you learn by doing. It's ok to make a lot of mistakes in the beginning (at least construct makes sure you won't make any syntax mistakes, which is normally the biggest problem for beginners). Just click around in construct and try to make some easy things. Of course it's not possible to programm a complex game without any experience. Don't expect too much from yourself and learn programming step by step. If you're not sure what do to, try different ways. Trial and error helps you, when you're stuck.

    I bet there are a lot of people who'll help you as soon as you offer some own code and let people see that you put some efforts/thoughts in it.

    But in my eyes it seems you didn't even try thinking about your own problems for more than 30 minutes.

  • kota,

    THere you go. And that was actually in the construct > new > template(move to mouse) I just added pined behaviour and a variable purchases and tick boxes and a opacity.

    Like I said all freely available and templates already built with tons of comments etc.

  • The big question you really need a shop system in your status of knowledge? I would highly recommend to get some basic gaming stuff done and bug-free before thinking about stuff like different tshirts

  • tshirts was a example -_-

  • I just started c2 like 1 week ago so please if u have nothing nice to say or even try to understand im 15 and very new to c2 then just dont comment thanks DUTOIT

  • I just tried to give you some tips how to start programming. But when you prefer asking other people to do your stuff I wish you good luck.

  • kota

    Rabenmutter wasn't harsh or anything. He gave you tips on how to tackle this domain that is the game development, in particular with C2. You need to do examples, tutorials, and try it yourself. You don't need to read tutorials, you need to do them yourself.

    Look at the "Cloning the basics" for example (Pacman or Breakout). All assets are given, for you to program it yourself. If will teach you things, you will get better by doing, not looking at things. And asking for pre-made example or videos won't help you if you don't try, and learn from your errors.

    You also need to understand that, demanding like you do without showing that you tried, where you had problems, and everything, can and will be received as rude. Everybody on here is helping on their free time, and I don't think people just want to give away built stuff. The goal of this HowDoI section is to help new comers (and others) to learn by themselves.

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  • As somebody with less than 2 weeks here, I did a tutorial search on your main key words "shop system". it came up with some brilliant results.

    I don't have 500 reps to show direct links, but maybe a bit of tutorial searching for info would be beneficial.

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