[SOLVED]how do I set a tag for music?

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  • (I wish i didn't have to post this question, but something is preventing me from searching the site, so I don't have much of a choice right now.)

    How do I assign a tag to an audio clip? I want to use the audio actions (set mute, set volume, etc.), but they require a tag associated with the sound I want to affect....and I don't know how to set the tag. If there's a link you'd rather point me to, that'd be fine, too. thanks

  • You choose the tag for each sound or track you want use

  • The tag of a song is the name you saved the song as to your music/sound folder

  • You assign a tag when you Play the sound.

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  • I figured it out.

    When you set the event for the sound file to play, a small window pops up for setting the sound parameters. The bottom field in that window is where you have the option to set the tag.

    The tag doesn't have to be anything in specific, like the name of the song in your folder.... it can be any name or code you want. Want to reference a song called Planting Tulips? Give it a tag called donkeyBreath, & whenever you want that song to play, just create an event that plays the song that has the donkeyBreath tag.

    I imagine this would be useful for playing groups of sounds, like if you have a sound for a missile hitting an enemy & another one for the enemy screaming....you could give both sounds the tag called missileHitsEnemy, & then make a single event that could trigger them at the same time.

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