[SOLVED]How do I make roller coaster loop?

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  • The manual drawing part with the mouse is just a way to test out different paths of various shapes quickly and to test concepts. It would be possible to randomly generate a path once you decide on basic parameters of what you want, or save a path after you have drawn it and add that to your game... (the path is just a series of points - most of the paths I was trying were about a dozen or two points.)

    MadSpy is doing a great job on what you are specifically after, I have seen quite a few people asking about how to make an object follow a path, and wanted to play around with a more general solution to the problem. So I had a bunch of concepts rattling around in my head - like could the path adapt itself to avoid obstacles, apply physics to the object so that it accelerates downhill and slows down going uphill, etc... Its a fun exercise to experiment on! C2 never ceases to amaze me. : )

  • AllanR for me the fun usually stops when smoke starts coming out of my hair when I can't figure something out, loool.


    Link updated

    press space key to create

    press D key to destroy random instance

  • Hehe, very very nice MadSpy !!:) I knew I could count on you.

    One last question, can I change the speed it's traveling at, or is it tied to the distance it has to travel?

  • You want to change (increase or decrease) for each creation or for all objects at the same time?

  • For each creation would be best MadSpy .


    you have a base to start your customized "rollercoaster loop" with this capx

    without plugin, less than 40 events

  • Haha, awesome, you'll make the credits for this one MadSpy , thank you very much!

    One last question, would it still work properly if instead of UID I used a instance variable, or family or something?

    I remember reading somewhere(don't remember exactly where) that UID is not very reliable, and that we should avoid using it to pick stuff.

    Or is that info false?

  • In this case, UID doesn't cause any problems (except if I do something wrong)

  • Ok, great, guess I can mark this thread as solved then. Thank you once again MadSpy , I'll contact you via pm when the game gets close to release about the credits info.

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  • ok

    I hope it helps you

  • for interested people , I update the file here

    the overlap of points A or B with other one no longer blocks the sprite on position A or B.

    (C2 206 no plugin less thant 33 events)

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