((SOLVED!) the timer from increasing at set score?

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  • Okay.

    I want to reward the player after they've reached X points (Say, 100) by giving them more time on the clock (say an extra 30 sec). My problem is that if I set it to 100, then the score has to be EXACTLY 100 for it to work, so I set it to "Equal to or greater than" but then it just KEPT ADDING TIME. I just want it to ad +30 sec and be done with it. (Also, when it was set to 100 only, it would keep adding time for as long as the score was at 100).

    What I'm trying to achieve:

    WHEN score = >100, +30 sec to time

    But right now it's more like:

    IF score = >100, +30 sec to time.

    Thank you.

  • Just add an extra variable that records that the 'extra' time has been added, and add that to your condition.

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  • Created variable "ExtraTime" and set it to 1.

    System Score => 100*ExtraTime, System add 60 to Timer

    System add 1 to ExtraTime

  • ZetaCron

    How would you rework this to just add bonus points either to the score or High Score if you didn't hit anything that would make you loose points. So if my PENALTY VAR stays at 0 you get bonus points added to the score.

    Everything I've tried so far just make the points KEEP adding real fast none stop.


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