[Solved] RPG Games and the Overlapping issues

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  • Sorry to bring this up but for someone new like me this helped a lot and I wanted to help a little more: If you change "on collision with N" with "is overlapping N" you don't have the overlapping problem that happens if the player gets stuck to the structure walking from top to bot.

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  • Currently I have two layers for game actors. All other art is drawn between those two layers. The collision mask for each piece of art is what would trigger the character to fall behind the art(top half) the actor collision mask is at the feet. So if the actor walks on the lower half of the sprite it goes to the top actor layer. If its touching the top halftime moves to the bottom actor layer. Seems to work great so far.

  • Objects can belong to multiple families at once. I just plug all the sprites I want to z sort into an additional family called "Zsort" and then do the "For Each (Ordered)" method. Works like a charm.

    Works so great! This must be in the manual like example.

  • If you have enemies overlapping each other, you'll need to check their own.Y and use the solution of sorting them behind each other.

    Has anyone figured this out with using the families idea (which is brilliant, by the way)?

  • Nevermind - I missed the For Each (Ordered) and was doing just For Each.

    But just for people who are unfamiliar with Construct 2, I figured I'd at least post the exact code:

    System Event (For Each (ordered) <yourspritename> Order by <yourspritename>.Y, descending.

    Sprite Event (compare Y) if Sprite.Y < Player.Y

    Sprite Event Is on Screen

    Action Sprite Event Move to top layer

    Hope that helps anyone else that was confused.


  • ome6a1717 If you get a chance can you update the original post with the solution and mark the thread subject with [Resolved] so that others can find the answer more quickly?


  • Hey BluePhaze,

    I actually did not create this post - just found it by searching, so I don't think I'm able to set it to [Resolved].


  • Sorry, my mistake!

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