[SOLVED] Relaunching a currently animation

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  • EDIT : adding the "Start animation from beginning" action solves this problem. Just discovered this one.


    I've got a little problem with animations. I've divided my main characters into 17 layers in order to have a customizable character.

    So I created functions to launch the right animation for each layer at the same time. It's working fine BUT for some reason, on certain animations, the current animation can't be interrupted by launching the same animation. In other words, if I launch an animation and launch the same animation while it's running, the first animation will finish, and the second one, triggered while the first one was playing, will not be displayed at all.

    However, all animations can be interrupted by other animation without problems.

    And I double-checked that the "set animation to" actions are always set to "play from the beginning". Any idea of what may cause this?


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