[Solved] I'm not going insane, right?

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  • So I just ran into this really stupid thing, and I have no idea how it would even be possible for it not to work.

    Basically, I have an object I move around with the physics behavior. The force with which it does this is defined in the object as an instance variable. There is literally no way to have a different amount of force in one direction than another. For some reason it doesn't understand this, and instead makes no changes to anything but the forward (if W down) movement force, meaning that I now have an object that moves five times faster left, right and backward than it does forward.

    Here're the events, and as you can see, the variable used, Self.acceleration, is the same for all of the directions.

    Yeah I know, you probably noticed the horrible inefficiencies I've been using. I'm working on it :P I've been lazy since the game's so small and doesn't have much CPU usage anyway.

    Here's the .capx


    I would absolutely love to know if this is across other computers, at least. I just wonder what the hell it is.

  • I think it is related to you doing the set animation and play from beginning - try removing this and see if it reacts as you expect .

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  • Never would have suspected that. Thanks for the help!

    Here's the result. Seems to work so far.

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