[Solved] Generate Random points in a Circle Uniformly

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  • I saw the manual.

    random(a), goes from 0 to a without choosing a.

    random(a,b), goes from a to b including a.

    What I need in random(a,b) including both a and b.

    random(0,1) or random(1)

    Goes from 0 to 1 including both 0 and 1 in its selection.

    Edit: Changed the title to make it much more clear.

  • While it never is 1 exactly, it can be pretty close. ex: 0.99999999999 which is practically 1.

    Do you have a use case in mind? I've only ever needed 1 included if the number was an integer.

  • I am trying to implement an algorithm that spawns sprites in a circle randomly and uniformly decided by its radius. The 1 would allow the angle to be 2pi.

    function getRandomPointInCircle(radius)
      local t = 2*math.pi*math.random()
      local u = math.random()+math.random()
      local r = null
      if u > 1 then r = 2-u else r = u end
      return radius*r*math.cos(t), radius*r*math.sin(t)
    math.random() = random float number between 0, 1
    My C2 code: t is replaced with q
    All I get is this:
    When I want something like this:
  • C2 uses degrees instead of radians so t should be 360*random(). With 2pi it would only be about 6 degrees which is what your first pic looks like.

  • Circle.capx

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  • korbaach Thanks. Ill see if I can implement this into what I already have.

    R0J0hound Thanks for letting me know that C2 doesn't use radians.

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