[Solved] Floating Pin Behavior

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  • Wow! This is perfect! I see now what I was missing was the every tick update position of the string/rope sprite. I really can't thank you enough for helping out with this!


    The only minor issue I am having now is the rope seems to attach to any falling object, not just the one it's "meant" to attach to.

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  • The most important change I made was setting the isactive off when attached, so it wouldn't try re-attaching all the time.

    The "rope" is just for show, it doesn't actually do anything but show the rope connection that is made. (sometimes it goes to another animalballoon, but this has no actual effect)

    With every balloon attached right now the gravity on the animalballoon becomes 20 less, so after 2 balloons it's already -15, but because the falling speed it will take some time for the animalballoon to slow down and start to rise.

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