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  • Hello Everyone!

    I am working on a Zelda game(snes). Using move at angle to move the play 16 pixels at a time ever 0.9 seconds making it feel like the player is walking from square to square.

    My problem is that solid object do not stop the player where he is standing, the player is instead bouncing back and smashing into the solid over and over making it feel buggy not crisp. I have tried setting the players X,Y to -16 after a collision with solid but this had no effect for me

    Please help thank you

  • Would adding an is not overlapping at offset condition before the move action help?

  • Thank you this tip has helped a little. the player now stops moving like I want on the collision but after I set the overlapping at offset condition to every movement key the play now freezes in place on collision

  • You should set the overlap at offset per movement direction.

    Could you share your capx, so we can see how you have your events set up?

  • How do I post capx.?

  • My step action works like this.


    W key is down                                         

    System wait 0.9 Seconds

    Player is not overlapping Solid at offset (-1,-1)


    Move player 16 pixels at angle

    Set animation Direction

    Set variable facing

  • Issue is still un-resolved. pls help

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  • Please upload your capx somewhere (dropbox or something) and share the link.

    offset (-1,-1) means it will be checked if your player is overlapping something when it's moved one pixel to the left and one pixel up.

    Is this what you are trying to check?

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