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  • Well, I'm pretty stumped here. The current problem is that if I disable collision from an enemy, the other enemies can also walk through it. Then when the collision is enabled again, the other solid enemies can get stuck inside it. I'll see if someone is interested in solving this, but if nothing comes up I'll probably post this into somewhere where the devs might see into this. Somehow I think this wouldn't be such a hard thing to implement to this engine.

  • Hasuak I will try to tweak it later and figure it out

  • Hasuak I will try to tweak it later and figure it out

    Thanks, man. You're totally getting your name into my game's credits if you figure this out. Eh, you're getting there, do it or not

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  • Hasuak

    Thanks man. Here is what I think the solution is for you, seems to be working. It took a while to figure out but I disabled the collisions of the enemy instead of the player. You can turn the sprite named "invisible" to not visible. I just have it visible so you can see what is going on. Let me know if that works for you.

  • Unfortunately objects can only truly collide with each other if they are both solid, however you can fake two non solid objects so that it appears that they are colliding by using the on object overlapping condition. So in your case. Make everything except the enemies have a solid behavior and make an event that says...

    Note: movement behaviors like the platform behavior already get a solid attribute so no need to add a second one.

    Enemy on collision with enemy -> change directions.

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