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  • Hi~

    As the title said~

    Can we do snapshot for a layout?

    I didn't find any button for this so far~

    For example,

    I have a 2000px x 3500px size of layout and it's all done~

    I want to take a snapshot of all things I have done~

    The output image will be jpg or png with the layout size~

    This is useful for presentation or showcase purpose~


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  • you mean in the game or in the editor? ingame you cause the snapshot canvas system event. Other than that the good ol print screen button works for anything pretty much

  • Snapshot whole layout with actual size and full effects~

    Due to sprite effects only display in game, if I snapshot in game~

    I need to go around and snapshot many images and put together~

    If I print screen on editor which make the layout fits my screen~

    The image will becomes smaller and lose details~

    Because my layout is bigger than my monitor screen~

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