Very slow with WebGL

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  • 2Ashley: I have worries because currently in my game only 5 Physical objects and game is already too slow. When I delete 2 object (3 are still in) gameplay is awesome - no slow bugs at all, WebGL at 50-60 FPS.

    I red all tutorials and manuals about Construct 2 few days ago and apply most of advices to increase performance, but still no results.

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  • There is a file with example. Can somebody show how to use only on physical object with other non-physical objects. I need realistic movement, platform is not a good idea.

    In your example, the blue block uses physics behaviour, but the object your using for the floor is just flagged as solid(with no physics)

    The floor has to have the physics behaviour assigned to it for the collisions to work correctly.

    You need to spend a couple of hours reading the manual before you start making your games.

    It will save you loads of time in the long run.

  • Ok, I got the idea. To show realistic move you have to set up world gravity from 10 to 25-30. After this all objects start to move like usually even with 30 FPS. Thanks to everybody.

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