Sliding after landing

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  • Wow this is much cleaner and it works perfectly, thank you greatly.

    Now I'm interested in a few explanations:

    1)What's the advantage of using booleans here?

    2)Is there a way to place correctly and easily the origin points? (shoot_fx) for example. I had to place this one blindly...

    3)In the "shooting" section, you used the function "spawn sprite on layer 0 (image point 1), I need an explanation for this :)

    Really sorry again about flooding with questions, but despite me looking at the manual, many informations don't look naturally obvious to me. I have no experience in game making, this doesn't help.

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  • 1) Booleans are variables that can be either true or false. I made two instance booleans in the player object to keep track of whether or not the player is crouching or shooting.

    As you know, the platform behaviour keeps track of jumping, moving and falling. By adding these booleans you can do additional checks to make sure the character is not crouching or shooting when you want to apply the other animations (standing, jumping etc..)

    2) I'm not sure what you mean exactly. The gun's image point is at the tip of gun, the origin of the effect is then put to the left so that it spawns with the back part right where the gun image point is.

    3) I used the "Spawn another object" action on the "PlayerImages" sprite. This allows you to create an object at another sprites image point. Since we have image points at the gun we want the "PlayerImages" object to spawn an effect at image point 1. You can also select which layer, but we only had one.

  • hmm i didn't read the whole posts but see this tutorial to fix that:

    in this way you can see where the bug when you writing the texts also in my newest game i have used all my animations with this (while umbrella,jetpack,normal) and i can add more just with changing variables

  • Im using r95, your file doesn't work for me :(

  • Well I read the post, and I have the same problem as described.

    When jumping with up and left pressed when you then land on a platform in some cases the character keeps sliding to the left.

    Until it hits the wall. It has nothing to do with animation because if I just use my playerbox sprite it also happens.

    In both capx examples posted in this post I had the same behaviour.. still looking for a solution... :(



  • Great tut dude :)

    I've got the character to run on landing now, only thing is the instance variable now causes my jump and fall animations to loop over and over as long as the action (jump or fall) is being performed. Any idea how I can stop the animations after they've happened once?

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