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  • I have a deck of 33 cards with all their own meanings.. the concept is to allow a person to pick 3 cards from the deck that would be spread out at the bottom..

    when they click a card it would flip slightly enlarge and move up to one of the 3 slots. depending on which click..

    once all 3 cards are picked there meaning will be showed below them.

    would also be nice if the game logged the IP or Mac address of the user and would not allow them to play again for 24 hours..

    I have no idea where to start on this project.. any help would be appreciated.

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  • So your question is how to start ? What end to tackle first ?

    Maybe first, create a card sprite, will the whole deck as the animation. Then try to make a function that would spawn a single card, random or specific (specific frame to show ?).

    Next step is spawning the deck at the bottom.

    Then handle the click on a single card (the movement you want) to the top space.

    The IP verification is more to be handled on the PHP side of the site.

    Then maybe, start by doing some tutorials, it will maybe help understands how the layers of making your game could be set.

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