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  • Hello , my problem is , i toke the Advanced multiplayer game example in construct 2 and wanted to transform it to platform game , where player can jump , all i have done is replace the sprites with a simple stick character removed the events related to rotate the player and laser shooting , and made the player behavior as platformer rather than 8 directions and edited the simulat control events in the event sheet for sure. all i get is a mess , i test the game i open the game in 2 different browsers and in the host browser when i press a key i control both players , in the peer game i control only my character , but it's stuck in the same position , i move it forwad then it moves back to the original position , and theres a lot of lag , thought i'm used the same code in the example that come with C2

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  • Post a capx. Upload to dropbox as a single file. Link URL to your file you uploaded to dropbox.

    This way we can better help you

  • Just taking a quick look at it, you have different behaviors: You have Bound to layout & Platform.

    Game example has: Bound to layout & 8 Direction.

    Also, check ALL OF THE EVENTS & ACTIONS. You have omitted a few EVENTS & ACTIONS. *Lines 71, 72*

    If you're going to try and duplicate an example, be sure to copy all of the: object behaviors, variables (if any), Origins/imagepoints, AND the EXACT Events & Actions as they are in the example



    Test to make sure everything is working correctly. Then change 1 or 2 things at a time. Testing after every change.

    I copied 1 example and it took me 3 days to figure out i had 1 origin point out of place.

    Hope this helps.

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