(Simple? Custom?) Character movement question?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to create what I think should be a relatively simple character movement system. Left and Right (touch) buttons to ROTATE left and right, and up button for forward motion and down button for backward motion. That's about it...

    If I simply change the position and angle of the prayer sprite (and pinned objects) it looks a fairly jerky and passes through solid objects. Not the desired effect.

    I tried the car behavior, but it won't rotate without forward motion, or stop instantly when the forward button is released.

    I'm attempting to work with custom movement (notably reviewing the 'Asteroids' clone example), but without success. For example, I don't want the player to continue moving forward with inertia after releasing the up button. So - any thoughts? This doesn't seem like it should be too complicated...

    Thanks in adavnce for any help! Input is welcome and appreciated.

    • Scott
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