Signing a CocoonJS .apk file errors

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  • Hi, I followed the step by step and the Final 001.apk release version gets generated with no problems. But when I move the apk file to my phone and execute it, after a few seconds of progress bar, the phone says "The application didn?t get installed".

    Note that the same APK that gives you the cocoonjs cloud system under "debug_signed" does get installed and I could test it with no problems.

    Does anyone knows something about this?.


    Great tutorial though, I didn?t have a clue with this process until I found this!!, much more helpful than the official google documentation!.

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  • I'm assuming you changed the security setting that allows you to install .apks from anywhere? If it's not that it would seem maybe there was an interruption in signing the files? Go back to your original file and re-sign... sorry I can't offer too much support because it seems everybody gets there own unique set of issues :-p Let me know what you learn please if you find a solution.

  • I tried several times and with different builds of cocoonJS. The debug-signed apk, works every time. But the Release-unsigned, that I sign, using your tutorial step by step. Wont install. I can?t figure out what I am doing wrong. Every step of your tutorial comes out well. And after that I run a (jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs my_application.apk) and it says that it is actually signed and everything ok.

    I run a (jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs my_application.apk) over the cocoonJS debug-signed apk, to see if there was any difference, and it says the same thing. So I don?t know what could possibly be wrong here.

    Maybe JAVA versions?.

  • Do you get the 'package not signed correctly error'?

    If you did, grab an uninstaller app from Google Play. In my case I grabbed one called 'Super App Installer Pro' (free)where it has the word 'APP' in the icon. It's a deeper uninstaller than the regular way.

    Run that and remove any copies of the app you want to install in your android then try the install again.

  • Hello, now i have the error :

    jarsigner: unable to recover key from keystore

    How to avoid it?

  • Noup. I tried making a hole new key certificate, I deleted the project from cocoonJS cloud compilation and started again with a new name.

    I also changed the name and description in C2 project.

    I re-exported, built everything again and Signed with the new key again as a hole new app.

    The process goes through as expected. I end up with a signed and "zipaligned" Apk file.

    But it wont install on the phone. It just says "the application did not install".

    And the "Debug-signed" that cocoonjs provides, still works on the phone.

    I?m running out of ideas. Did someone got through something like this?.


  • uninstall all versions of your app on the phone. Get a dedicated app uninstaller if you need to from google play like Super App Installer Pro.

    The signed apk won't install if there's already another apk of the app in your phone.

    Also, cocoon doesn't like android v2.2. Will work with 2.3 and up.

  • Yes, I already tried all of this. I even change the hole project name and builds. I generated a new key and re-sign the new apk so it will count as a hole new app. But with same results.

    self-signed - wont install

    cocoon-debug-signed - works.

  • Thanks for the tutorial! I had to play around with it a bit but eventual got it ;) some tip that helped me:

    I put the ?echo% JAVA_HOME%? under the Java prompt you get by holding shift and right clicking to get the path.

    Set the JAVA_HOME in windows by right clicking My Computer> Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environmental Variables Once there add a new System Variable (JAVA_Home) and put the path you got from using echo% JAVA_HOME% as the Variable Value.

    If your using PhoneGap it will ask you for your Alias when signing APK its the last ?YOURAPPNAME? in the code below

    • jarsigner -verbose -keystore C:\Android\YOURAPPNAME.keystore C:\Android\YOURAPPNAME_release.apk YOURAPPNAME

    Hope this helps someone save some time.

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  • I finally made it work. Someone in Ludei forums told me that version 7 of JAVA SDK wasn�t properly working with Android. And I was making the signing with the 7u9 version.

    I uninstalled it and go back to the version 6. And the final APK signed worked great on my device.

    Later on a few other people wrote on the post telling that they were having the same problem and this solved it. So I post this here too to take this into account.


  • Thank you thank you thank you all! It works! I also uninstalled java 7 and reinstalled java 6 and everything works perfectly! Thank you for writing this tutorial!

    I have another question, can I post this tutorial on the forum of the French Community of construction? I quote this post as a source of course.

    Thank you!!

  • Great tutorial all works great :)

    But it's true that you must have Java 6 insalled :/

    Dont know why :P

  • Do we need to uninstall java 7 or just install java 6? I just tried with java 7 and faced with the same problem. :(

  • thanks a lot it took me 2 days to look and understand and you just made it realy simple with this tutorial in 5 mins got it done. thanks again

  • got my game on google play my wife downloaded it and she gets error when installing error file not signed properly or something like that. any help could it be my java is 7 last update? and need 6 to do this?

    PD: if I copy the signed apk straight from the lapotop to the sd card i have no errors


    Ok All errors got fixed after uninstaling java 7, and resign the apk with java 6. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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