How do I Shoot to The Center of Crosshair in Top Down Game

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  • Hello guys, I need some help.

    I'm making a simple top down shooter. The Hero/player will rotate according to the position of the mouse. I set the origin point on his head. So he will rotate nicely.

    The problem is:

    The gun's position is not on the center of his body. It's on his right side, pointing directly straight to the front.

    I change the mouse cursor to become a cross hair. As the result If I shoot, the bullet is not flying to the center of the cross hair.

    How should I solve this?

    If I change the origin point of the Hero so it will in line with the gun, that fixes it, but the Hero will rotate strangely.

    If I change the poisition of image point of the Hero, that fixes it, but it doesnt look natural. Cos the bullet doesn't fly from the mouth of the gun.

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  • I got it!

    move the origin of cross hair up. Then pin the cross hair to the Hero and pin based on angle only.

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