How do I SHARE SCORE on Facebook & Twitter?

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  • yeah plugins works fine, but i dotn know what are the differents steps in the events to send the score TO facebook, but cranberry plugins works perfectly.

    i still have not solved that problem, what are the differents events to add for sending the player score to facebook...

    Like i said the plugins are really good, and working almost perfectly, but its hard to get help from the developer, if you need the tutorials for the plugins, you need to go to the developer google+ account and then start reading the tutorials... but for 5$ is really exellent, also i got all the plugins in less than 20mn, 98 plugins actually it takes time to dowload each plugin one by one...

  • imothep85 what 98 plugins are you talking about? Do you mean that when you buy that Facebook Plugin from cranberrygames, you actually have to download 98 separate plugins?

    Ashley why it's not even fixed yet? This isn't a first time when Construct 2's users have to buy a third-party plugin instead of those that come with C2, just because the official ones don't work properly or haven't been updated.

    I don't like to buy plugins from third-parties in which I'm not sure. I mean, I like to know that the official plugins are always up to date because they are part of the software that we bought. I can't trust most of the other people who develop their own plugins because there is no guarantee that one day the guy just won't stop working on the plugin and leave us all with outdated, useless versions.

  • yes when you buy the facebook plugin, you have to download each 98 plugin separated .

  • I hate it when the C2 community pretends there is no need for android support since "C2 was created only for browser games".

    Oh well, 100 euros down the drain, never again.

  • Yeah, Android need MORE attention, specially from construct 2 developers AND also from the plugins developers.

    Today everyone use an Ipad, Iphone , Android etc... so if you don't care bout those platforms then your software is useless...

    ALSO the construct 2 users need to share MORE their real adcices for those plaforms because its REALLY hard to make thing work with construct 2 for android devices, SPECIALLY if you export with Intel XDK.

    its really really really really really HARD to make an app for android working, WITH the facebook function, and NO ONE KNOW how to acheive that.

    I spent TWO WEEKS day after day asking asking and asking again without a real working solution.

    SO today im at the end of my second week, STILL no solution, THOSE who created some android games dont share their knowledge about how to achieve this facebook problem.

    IS NO working tutorial at all, because the only officials tutorials dont work anymore, FACEBOOK plugin was updated by Ashley the last week, but tutorial NO.

    Tutorials need a KICK ASS updates because a LOT of tutorials are not working anymore, because construct2 was updated al ot, AND also plugins like webstorage, NOW can image people looking for all those tutorials explaining how to do webstorage....but finally now its called local storage, and aslo the functions on that plugin ae not the same....

    YES it can make people mad, specially if you USE construct2 for your work, and when you KNOW your time is really short in a production line.

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  • Right said... but is there anyone hearing it?

  • ... /

    Here you go, the directions for a programmer to build a plugin for mobile versions. I am available for hire and Cranberrygames has already built a plugin for this which I have pointed out already. So the answers are there for those who choose to look it up. ... up/dialog/

    Above is the website to create your game account. It walks you through screen by screen what to enter for information. Unless you have cranberries plugin the only available platform in the above dialog is web. Do not even try to choose anything except web without a plugin developer or Cranberrygames plugin. It will not work.

    For some reason if the link doesnt work, go to and then click my apps. In this menu, the uppoer right side of the screen is a button called add new app. Click or touch this button to bring you to the create new app on Facebook dialog.

    A detailed overview of how to create a game on Facebook. Again, avoid the non web discussions unless you have a third party plugin.

  • I have the cranberry plugin, i have also the facebook plugin from scirra, nothing works, i don't know HOW TO PUBLISH to facebook because is no facebook tutorial explaining how to just share a score.........

  • imothep85

    Has anything been sorted out? I'm at a stage where I want to publish score to facebook and twitter..

  • I think simply you CAN'T post in facebook because they don't allow any method of automatic text insertion, since some months ago (or a year i dont know exactly)

  • How are now? is it solve or not?

  • Using the browser object and using the URLs provided by Facebook and Twitter will allow you to post and share whatever you want from your game.

    Use the "Open URL in new window" action and provide the appropriate URL/message.

    myVariable is a variable (possibly global) that value is either text or numbers.

    For Twitter :

    "twitter://post?text=" & urlencode("My message with #hashtags and directed 

    and concatening " & myVariable & " as a value.")[/code:3dwyv7f8][/p] [/p] For FaceBook[/p] [code:3dwyv7f8]"" & urlEncode("URL_THAT_SHARES_AND_IS_SET_IN_THE_FB_APP_TO_SHARE) & "&picture="& UrlEncode("URL_TO_YOUR_PICTURE_APP_IF_YOU_HAVE_SOME") &"&display=popup&ref=plugin&src=share_button&quote=My message with #hashtags and concatening " & myVariableValue & " as a value."[/code:3dwyv7f8][/p] [/p] You have to know though that on iOS/some mobiles for this to work, you have to use the button plugin only that will count as a user action.[/p] Using CSS it is possible to make the button invisible under/over a sprite and still have a good looking app, but this all depends on your program.

  • This method works on android ?

  • Thank you Kyatric, i will try it this week. I'll let you know if it works

    Question : Is it possible to share image based on URI without uploading to a server? I tried to share screenshot canvas URI but it doesn't work

  • manuelsanmartin: It does work on browser for Android. It should work for Android exported apps as well as long as you manage to get the Browser object to open to a distant URL as well.

    nikosurfing: As far as I'm aware, you have to set the metadata for facebook in order to share an image (the image is set in Facebook's page/application configuration).

    The image HAS to be uploaded and set in the config, so URI won't likely cut it.

    For Twitter, as far as I'm aware it is not doable through the URL/Browser/this method at all (neither URI or uploaded image).

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