How do I make a share game app on facebook ?

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  • I want to upload my game,then at my game,they can share they highscore,and share my game link,how to do that?

  • anyone?

  • 1. create your app at

    2. get app ID and app Secret from facebook (This is unique identifier of your app and "password" to allow your construct2 project to use fb app) [attachment=2:82wmbgsu]fbd.JPG[/attachment:82wmbgsu]

    2.1 set "SITE URL" to where you are going to export/preview your project.

    e.g. I'm using dropbox public/ folder to put my apps for linking to people and deep-previewing after export.

    probably, setting url to http://localhost:50000 or (for over-wi-fi previewing) will work.

    3. add Facebook object in construct2 project.

    4. fill in app ID and app Secret in construct 2 [attachment=1:82wmbgsu]appID.JPG[/attachment:82wmbgsu]

    You are ready to communicate to FB app.

    make events what you want to do.

    some example events.


    on pressed sprite called FBshare, it will do some actions.

    1.log in

    2.prompt to share app - asks user to click "publish". Unless wont do nothing.

    3. publish wall post will automatically publish info without asking. (you need to log in user first for this feature and probably user should one time allow your app to post)

    Feel free to ask anything you can't udnerstand

  • Caqtus Hey..!! i'm so Thankssfull

  • Caqtus

    add one more "THANK YOU" for your explanation! I am planning to release something this weekend .... and if it works .... we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

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  • Caqtus

    Does this work on mobile as well? CocoonJS etc?

  • Is the app secret needed for this to work? My login button is not working and that is the only thing I can see I'm doing different (I read in the tutorial that I should not add it unless I will use scores, which I don't)

  • where will i put the 2.1?

    this is what happening when it was activated

    Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains.

  • I am getting the same message while testing.

    Found this in another post and it solves the problem. ... 8419109491

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