How do I set states with variables? Not sure what's wrong

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  • Thanks, but I can't get that to work either and I need a break. Just too frustrating not being able to figure out why stuff that should work isn't working. I'll probably try to make dummy animations and just post the .capx so you and anyone else can actually see it in action and what's happening.

    Thanks again for your time, I appreciate it.

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  • Did you use System->Else on both of the events? (< X and > X)

  • Yeah, here's the new code.


    The 0.10 Wait commands are actually just so the enemy pauses for a tenth of a second before beginning to follow once the player's bbox is no longer overlapping the enemy's. Disabling them has no effect on interrupting the walking animation.

    (oops, just noticed that the second Else isn't part of the second X check. Fixing it did not have any effect though).

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