How do I Set Sprite Potitions with Events?

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  • For the life of me I just cannot get this to work.

    After dragging the sprites to the layout and specifying the correct layer for them, I tried to set an event in the event sheet to set the sprites in their correct positions:

    System event, on start of layout, sprite_X, set position to (X,Y)

    But it does nothing, the sprite stays firmly in the place that is in its common properties.

    What am I not getting here? Clearly I'm an absolute beginner, so please be gentle.

    Obviously I also missed the Beginner's Questions section of this forum, where I should have posted this. First impressions, and all..

  • That should work so there must be an error with the event. Please link to a screenshot or project file of some kind and this can easily be resolved.

    Also just a guess from not seeing the project, you seem to want to set the position of multiple sprites but probably only have a single instance on the event sheet so my guess is that a single sprite is just moving around and then hits the final position you set. You need to create multiple sprites and set their positions accordingly, depending on what you want to happen of course. You may have set this up correctly though and there are other errors, it's hard to assist with guess work.

  • Thank you for the reply. I have taken a screenshot of the eventsheet in question.

    There are five sprites supposed to be on the screen and arranged by the event. In their properties they are manually arranged in the center orizontally and spaced out vertically.

    This event supposedly placing them in the top corner, and one in a random place does nothing when I run the project. They are all still in their manually set places.

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  • Do you have events that move them back to their original positions later on in the project? I'd have to see the .capx file I think because this looks fine to me. Provide a cut down version if you can showing the issue, via dropbox or something similar.

  • There is nothing regarding these sprites besides this, there is only a title screen before this, and these sprites are not even on it. And the mouse click basically just reloads the menu screen at this point.

  • Is your layout pointing to the correct event sheet?

  • Is your layout pointing to the correct event sheet?

    We have a winner here. The embarrassment is real.

    I did not even notice this, I assumed the event sheet created while making the layout would be linked automatically. At least I recall creating the sheets with layouts.

    Thank you very much to both of you for spending time on this.

  • Ah yes, might've noticed that with the project. Well done for guessing that

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