How do I set 1 sprite onto multiple instances of an enemy?

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  • Ok, this is the best I can do...

    I removed the pin behavior as it doesn't inherit the mirroring of its parent, instead I used the every tick set position to an image point and mirroring actions for the heads.

    The enemies move randomly left and right with the platform behavior (if you only need them to do small movements that do not jump or follow uneven ground, then the Platform is an overkill) and when the player is in range they follow him/her, barking (hopefully) facing the right way...

    Use the arrow keys to move the player around (default controls).

  • Ive added/modified the necessary parts to work on my project and the Sprite5 now follows the enemy head! This is amazing!

    The only thing wrong now is that even though the Sprite5 is created on layer1 (my top layer), it is still appearing behind the enemy. I feel bad asking for more help considering how much you have given so im gonna try figure this one out but if you have any tips i wouldnt turn them down

    Either way, you my friend, are a star! Thank you for everything

  • Thank you for your kind words!

    Since you create the Sprite5(s) at run time, it shouldn't be behind the enemies. Are you sure that both objects (the enemies and the Sprite5s) exist in the same layer and/or that the layer1 is the top-most one?

    If they are on the same layer, after the "Create object Sprite5 on layer1..." action, add the "Move to Top" action on the Sprite5 (is in the Z Order Category). This should fix it anyway.

  • It works! It works it works it works!

    Thank you so much.

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