Set price in Tablet...myTextBox dont set!

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  • hello Everybody!

    Well, yesterday I had a problem with my Beta Version in my tablet...

    My game is about a Limonade Tent, and the player is the seller.

    Well, when I click in the cart to buy thinks, appears a textBox where you can put the price and after, you click in Back to return;

    Well, when I delete all numbers of my TextBox, put a new price and I click in Back, my price add + one number, in this case, the last frist number....

    For exemple:

    The frist value is U$ 2.10 (the frist number is 2)

    When you delete all numbers and put for exemple:

    U$ 3.15 And click in Back, in the game appears

    U$ 3.152 ( the frist number of the last price appears)

    Only in the android Tablet, In my PC is normal

    thanks so much    

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