How do I set and play attack animations on landscape games

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  • Yes it would and yes you should make it an Instance variable. You might need to add a "for each" condition in order to work however. I am not familiar with the path finding AI but you can check this topic

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  • I got the enemies to move and attack! Everything's working out great so far. My only problem at the moment is that they only attack when all of them are in range (they're melee, so unless they're all around you, they won't attack). One of the enemies seems to be able to attack me while being alone, and he deals more damage than the rest, so the melee attack system is kinda flawed. Any idea on how to make the system calculate distance individually? Here's a screencap of the events being used.

  • Add a "for each enemy" into your condition (put it above the distance check) and see if that fixes it.

  • It didn't fix it, unfortnately. However, since they're melee, I just replaced the distance event with "On collision with (player)", so it's working now. Thanks a lot for the help!

  • I am glad that you made it

    Keep it up!

  • Use instance variable to get distance, system doesn't pick every instances, only pick one as first instance.

  • By the way, now that we're here, do any of you know how to set-up a coundown timer on the start of a layout? I would like to make a 10 minutes countdown in-game, while also letting the player know how much time is remaining. I've seen a couple of methods but most of them are focused around small 3-second or 5-second countdowns.

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