How do I set a different position of a level

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  • Hello I have a world map, and I am trying to set it

    when i beat this level set the position of the world map

    level to this X and Y position. I am using paths but

    every time I beat the level it just brings me back to the

    starting position of the world map I have something

    like this.

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  • First of all I don't see an action where you set level value to 1

    second of all every tick system is in preview level value is set back to 0, so that might be an issue..

  • sorry I forgot to mention the action is on the first event sheet after the mini boss is destroyed

    and you pick up the level exit item it changes the value of the variable to 1. I have to problems,

    one is the variable is not changing, and it just puts the player at the starting part of the map,

    even after saying that it changes the value and when that value is changed go to the position

    of the world map i set it to. Second issue is setting the position don't allow it to fallow the

    path i told it to fallow. Its really frustrating on why it don't do what I told it to do.

    I grouped event sheet 1 to 2 as well, any clue what the problem is?

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