How do I set cursor to hand

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  • Hello, how are everyone? hope great

    Well, The title sounds really easy but what I want to do is on over multiple elements make the cursor to hand, else have it to normal, the problem is that when I set it as in the image, only the last cursor (AlertAccept) is working, the others i think they go to else directly instead of reading my other conditions.

    Thank you for your help everyone.

  • I'd have to look at project file to really see what's going on. Other wise that should work as far as I can see.

  • you can use "or Block"


    you can put this sprites in family

  • Cedriking

    Yep, korbaach is correct. You should only have one else. Because the code executes EXACTLY the way it is written.

    If you read it through, you will see it first either sets it to the hand or normal for the AlertClose, then it will set it to the hand or normal for the AlertCancel, then it will set to the hand or normal for Rooms, then it will set it to the hand or normal for AlertAccept.

    So, if the mouse is over AlertClose, it WILL set it to the hand, but then the next three sections of code will all set it back to normal, because it will execute the three else clauses below the AlertClose block... (same goes for the AlertCancel and Rooms code). Only the last block doesn't get undone.

  • Thanks a lot, I didnt notice that there were a OR block. Now everything is working fine, thank you guys.

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  • The "else" construct could have worked too, but it should have been looking like this :

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