How do I send user text input to sql database

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  • Hi Guys,

    I really need some help with this question. I have researched the tutorials, and looked on youtube.

    I need to take a users text input from a text box , and send it to store in my sql database. I have found a tutorial on this site that briefly gave an example of sending data to an sql database from a textbox using ajax. However, the tutorial isnt very clear on when you create a php file containing the database connection and the GET requests, it didnt say where this file should be saved. In the root folder of php my admin, or on construct 2 project file, or as a url??

    Im very lost with that.

    Any suggestions on this I would be very greatful as I cannot figure this out and get this idea of storing users text stored in my local database. My sql database is also on my laptop so its just locally stored on my laptop and not a database online.


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