How do I Send data to Google Sheet or database

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  • dop2000

    Sorry, just one more question if you have the time. It was working fine on the computer browser but wont load on iOS device.

    Is this something you know about? I've read some stuff about cross domain problems but unsure how to solve it in this scenario.


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  • Well I thought I asked another question but apparently it didn't post.

    I was having some issues getting it to work on iOS because of cross domains/cors issues but I've managed to figure it out.

    If anyone else is having problems getting this to work on device then you just need to add this to your 'request url' & 'web_app_url' - add it to the front and then just have your normal google sheets/script request after the /


    It acts as a redirect to bypass the CORS requests.

    Hope that helps someone!

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