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  • then i want to do what you are doing also, but how?

    First, learn PHP. That is the easiest server language that I know of (Google's new Go is supposedly easier, but I haven't learned it yet).

    Then build your game logic inside of PHP and then build your API to communicate with your game client. Then build your client on top of all of that.

    how can you export your game via C2 so that there is a server-side (with all the data, logic, code) and a dumb client-side (with the art and audio)? how were you able to do this? also, is it scaleable? in another words, if your game is hosted on amazon and 10,000 people want to pay and purchase it, does it require any manual involvement on your part for selling/distributing the authentic client to the verified buyer or can they click and download the client on their device without any additional involvement by you.

    You have an API. And it is far more scalable than purely publishing an HTML5 game. PHP is the easiest server-side language to learn. Start simple and stupid, just build a simple API and play with it. Only then can you begin expanding it out. ... p-and-ajax ... t-with-php

    From there, you make AJAX (using the AJAX object in C2) calls to your API, like: http : // yourdomain/doStuff.php?param0=stuff&param1=moreStuff

    as you have pointed out, this is important but unfortunately very difficult (at least it appears to be so, to me). thanks for your continued help on this.

    The central data source is the most sticky issue, but a basic database will suffice for most of your needs. PHP and MySQL play nicely together.

    They even have this bundled for Windows: will install PHP/MySQL and Apache Webserver on your computer.

    W - Windows

    A -- Apache (webserver)

    M - MySQL

    P -- PHP

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  • thanks for all your help gumshoe2029, i'll get started on that path for the next game, making sure it's built in a client-server model from the ground up. that was very valuable feedback, thanks a million.

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