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  • Ya when I start to add things to my game the seam breaks in firefox, Opera, and the worst seems to be Chrome. But explorer still works, and Safari seems to be the best for this.

    I was going to make a retro plane shooter/bomber with a never ending scroll similar to the style of the ATARI 2600 Barnstorming game that came out in 1982. Man I loved that game back then. lol

    I think it's just a browser support issue. I guess I will just put this project on hold for now and start something different.

    Thanks for all the help though Kyatric

  • Hmm the gap troubles hasnt been fixed right? Because on my Firefox I have it -.- I have fix it with a another bachground so the cap doesent appear anymore, because the background overwrite it :D

  • What I tend to do it for certain really important scrolling tiles that need to look to put a very small fade out gradient on one edge of the Seamless tile..but also allowing for the extra fade out...of course...much like the sprite "bleeds" for plants and flowers doing this you can overlap your tiles just enough and the "Gap" is not seen if you do your art asset correctly...nearly every professional company uses this "Edge Bleed" technique..its very clean and fixes so many problems .......also MeJustMe..In regard to your Sand dune sprite issue this technique works as well.....Use an Alpha blended bleed edge on all your necessary Parallax Sprites...This way Overlap is not seen at all.....and to get variation in your Parallax dunes...Make 4 or 5 sprites in such a way that they can be blended and randomized..Art Asset creation is as important to your game final design as every other spend some time..figuring out a lego block approach to all of your parallax sprites just as you would for your...normal level sprites......

    What I mean is....This layout (which is only a teeny part of the Enormous layout) made up entirely of only These parts and a few extra Parallax Backgrounds & FX

    So as long as you alpha blend the edges you can do amazing stuff because everything blends into every thing else...Good asset creation is an Artform in itself...Practice makes perfect..

    If you are clever with your scene object design you can build entire world from only a few the creative team did in the "300" movie..They only made 1 scene ROCK prop and just shot it again and again from about 30 different angles...very simple idea...same principle here

  • It would be nice if we could just change the image matrix. I used to make infinite scrolling backgrounds in Flash like that.

  • Wink: is your browser firefox ?

    Try to set event2 => TiledBackground.X to TiledBackground.X - int(60*dt)

    The int() function makes it so that the result of the operation is always an integer (not a float).

    This seems to make the "gap" disappear".

    Wouldn't setting the "rounded pixel" option solve the gap problem because it auto rounds all pixel locations from floats to int? (It's in the project properties I believe.)

  • O_o Geez can we not just get "Image Offset" from CC in here? Or maybe implement it as a shader? That would solve this problem and more.

  • Guys did anyone come up with the solution by any chance?

    I am having the same problem and can't find a way to fix it :\

  • what program did you use to create your background image, it looks great!

  • Kyatric

    Hi Kyatic thank for sharing scrolling but there is one issue that slider not sliding smoothly ...

    so you have any idea how to work it smoothly


  • I have the same issue with the space (withe line) between two tile objects. But only if i compile the game with ludei's cloud compiler. In the preview and in the HTML5 version it works fine.

    I've tried to change the color of the background layer to fit the background image to hide the cap a little bit. Have anybody an idea to solve that?

  • This really doesn't work well.... I get gaps even after compiling...

    For games with different canvas sizes you need to do the orignal canvas width or height. I just figured this out because I have a 1080p game and scirra arcade requires a 800 width game at most, which doesn't work well with 1080p, you have to do some canvas manipulation and some layout scaling, and have window width to 800.... which makes it a pain kinda....

    So basically if you have a 1080p game change all the values of windowwidth to 1920 and all the values of windowheight to 1080.... and you will still run into gap problems....

    Also there is a flicker problem if you have a texture such as a side walk where you have the first pixel row darker pixel then the last, at least I had this problem. You have to make the edge of the side walk the 2nd pixel row and the first one not.

    Also the 60 value may need to be changed based off your perspective of speed.

    ... Really wish scirra would have just made titled backgrounds have a scrolling option inside the container this would have made things a million times easier....Unforchently pretty much most tutorials covering this is the same.

  • i have problem too can i make the same stuff like go in Y position like from up to down

  • Bonjour,

    dans les effets d'images, je cherche à afficher un sprite avec un effet de transition: il s'affiche de gauche à droite. Je pensais déplacer vers la droite un autre sprite devant, mais cela cache mon image de fond. (il s'agit d'afficher un graphique sur une grille de fond

    merci si vous avez une idée,


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  • Wink: is your browser firefox ?

    Try to set event2 => TiledBackground.X to TiledBackground.X - int(60*dt)

    The int() function makes it so that the result of the operation is always an integer (not a float).

    This seems to make the "gap" disappear".Kyatric2011-10-01 18:08:42

    how would this be done verticaly

  • jamiek: Using the .Y property instead of .X

    Moreover you can check the How do I FAQ at the section "Scrolling / Camera" that has items named exactly after your needs.

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