How do I take screenshoot and save it on mobile device

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  • Ohhhhhh , not working Ashley , not working. Crosswalk and CocoonJS.

    It was good although to even think that this could work LOL.

    Thank you very much for your help , if possible , in a future update we would really love to have this one working (if possible).

  • Same code from our friend here , i just added a restart button and clear the image that will host the canvas content.

    If someone wants to test , you are more than welcome.


    Hope this link Help us

    plz try and help me

    did you see cocoonjs launcher demos list's WEBVIEW demo it save screenshot on phone memory

  • Jeetu ,

    of course and i will help , don't worry , i will try to recreate this , and test it today.

  • No luck at all.

    And its a totally different thing from what we wanted to do from the start.

    Save canvas , and save txt on Android device is buggy.

    Can someone put in -- to fix / to do --- list please???

    Anyway Ashley and Jeetu much appreciated for your help.

  • No NO NO Thank you too [quote:2sk61o1v]Michaelb

    and [quote:2sk61o1v]Ashley

    i already decided to pause my current work until its start work the way we want

  • Hi guys,

    I use this feature on most of my apps and so far, have not gotten any complaints.

    Just to be sure, I will do some more testing this weekend.

    I'll post again if I encounter issues.

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  • Jeetu , same here , we paused it , client was not happy at all , so i had no chance on this.

  • Greetings vancouver , can you please post a capx here for us? Just leave this part as a little test , so we can see the code and test.

    Much appreciated


  • If I remember right, the same way you load an image, you'll be able to save it, but I'm not sure.

    [quote:1ayetpji]New 'File chooser' plugin. Allows access to local files on the user's system. (Icon is wrong in this build, new icon will come in future release)

    [quote:1ayetpji]The new File Chooser plugin shows a Choose File button that lets the user pick a file from their local disk. On mobile you can also either choose a file from the device documents or a file storage app like Dropbox, or use the device camera to take a picture and use that as a chosen image file. (Exactly what options are available depends on the browser and OS.) It's supported on all modern browsers, but for IE only on IE10+.

    Once a file is chosen, you can retrieve its filename, size in bytes, the MIME type (e.g. image/png for a PNG image or text/xml for an XML file), and the file URL. Despite the fact it's a local file, its data can still be accessed by the given URL (which is usually "blob:" followed by a unique ID). For images you can display the chosen file using the Sprite object's Load image from URL action, or (perhaps less obviously) you can AJAX request the file URL like any other URL to get its text data.

    This allows you to make use of local text and image files, which could be useful as an alternative for showing photos other than snapshotting a video feed in the User Media object, or allowing a way for text, XML or JSON content to be loaded from disk.

  • Thank you very much for your respond TELLES0808

    Will try this method also.

    Much appreciated.

    Jeetu , have a look at this mate

  • i watch this release note already

    but a bit busy now so..

  • Any luck with saving snapshots to file on android mobile.

    the example provided in C2 works on PC but not on my mobile (crosswalk)

    do I have to enable any permissions on Intel XDK?

    I searched this and it seems that I do not need to add any permission for saving to internal SD. so this should not be an issue.


    I tried enabling the following permissions on intel XDK but it did not work



    then I tried enabling all crosswalk plugins, again did not work

    so the question remains, why the browser plugin is not able to save snapshots on mobile devices?


    apparently, cordova does not support downloading files/images directly. but there is a plugin for this here:

    in Intel XDK, Third party plugin -> get plugin from web

    plugin name = "canvas2imageplugin"

    plugin ID = "org.devgeeks.canvas2imageplugin"

    tick checkbox: Plugin is located in the Apache Cordova Plugins Registry

    we just need an expert on this forum to make a construct 2 plugin to enable it. anyone?

  • I finally did it

    check my other thread: forum/plugin-canvas2imageplaugin_t116018

  • Ok, Here is my 2 cents on this subject. The reason it will not work on 90% mobile devices is the same reason why you can't do screen share videos on mobile devices. Those who have jail broke there devices can do this trick but risk destroying their device from excessive memory usage and processor over heating due to removing the safeties that came preset with the device. As Mobile devices catch up with laptops for over all functions this may be a different beast all together.

  • anyway chek this out

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