How do I make my score appear ?

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  • help!!!

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  • Could you be any more vague?

    Make sure the text object is not set invisible

    Make sure the text box is large enough to hold the text length/size

    Make sure the "Score: "&MyScore is showing the variable you made to store score

    Make sure you have updated the text box with the score var value.. ie Every Tick - Set text "Score: "&MyScore




  • You need a global variable to hold your score and a text to show the score on the layout.

    Make a text and call it score and put the word "score" in it as a place holder. Put in on the layout.

    In your events make a gobal variable by right clicking anywhere on the even sheet and click create global variable and call it SCORE.

    In your events write this event.

    Every Tick: Set Text Score to SCORE

    Do not use quotations marks just the global variable name SCORE

    That will show the global variable in the text when you run the game.

    To change the SCORE variable you can add or subtract a number from the variable.

    On Player Collides with Object: Add to SCORE +1

    That can be any event you want to keep score of.

    Now every time the player collides with an object the variable adds 1 and that is shown in the score text Every Tick.

    That is the basics of making a score for your games.

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