How do I - Scene Based Levels ?

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    > > Okay, I "finished" what I was creating for you. It's very glitchy right now because it needs a lot of improvements. But the main idea allows you to do what you want.

    > >

    > > You can download it here:

    > > ... cenes.capx

    > >

    > > Let me explain what I did:

    > > On the layout you can see a some scenes. They are designed scene 1, 2, 3 and so on based on horizontal displacement. The code recognizes the scene based on the position, so that's why I created some sort of grid with the pink bars.

    > >

    > > On start of layout, scene 1 will be picked and a random scene (excluding scene 1) will be picked for next scene. All objects positions and angle are stored in local variables.

    > > When a scene is picked, all elements inside the area designed to that scene will be picked. Made that using families for immovable and movable objets.

    > > All objects overlapping the picked coloured background (bg) are pinned to it and than the coloured background is moved to 0,-bg.height (except for the first scene {scene 1} which goes to 0,0).

    > > After that, objects are unpinned and they start moving down with custom movement.

    > > When the coloured background collides with a detector at 0,2*bg.height, bg is moved to it's previous position (stored in local variable at start of layout) and all objects that were overlapping it are also resetted to their initial positions, than pinned to bg again. (This part is glitchy, needs improvements)

    > > Also, when detector is collided, a new scene is picked and created on top of current scene.

    > >

    > > Hope that wasn't much confusing and also hope that suits what you need.

    > >


    > Thank you so much! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz"> You rock!

    > This think really helped me. I understand your idea. Yes, it needs a lot of improvements. Some levels overlapped, needs optimize windows size (camera) vs. I love Construct 2, really amazing! Thank you, I am working on improvements.

    > I want to learn Construct 2. I have 4 amazing book for Construct 2 learning. Let's see what can I do?


    This exactly what i also want to do in my games (build a buildbox-like game, but with the added flexibility of the event system of construct 2/3. Could you please repost the scenes.capx example you made, so that i can learn from it on how to implement it? (it is not accesceble anymore on dropbox due to their changes).

    Any one other suggestions on how to do this? Maybe the original poster?

    Thx in advance!

    Here you are, sir

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